30 June 2006

better now

i'm a lot better now. antibiotics. but i still get cold sweats once in a while. i think its really because of the weather. pretty hot around noon and gets cold in the mornings. i still feel a bit weak in the knees but i'm slowly getting there with some help from vitamins, water and buko juice. that drink is really a micracle.

and taste buds are slowly coming back online so food should taste like food soon.

25 June 2006

i'm sick

i've been sick since friday afternoon. ugh. some serious flu or something. temps are not that high but its been on and off and there's plenty of aches and pains to go around. add a runny nose, phlegm and an insistent headache and i'm good to go. to bed.

this time the usual medicines doesn't do much. i just started with anti-biotics and the thing with that stuff is that the toilet becomes a close friend of mine. at all times of the day. to pee.

have to get some sleep. if i can.

20 June 2006

cable off

we had the cable taken out today.

we broke the news to robin last night and was sad that he won't be able to watch his favorite cartoons.

i feel sad for the guy but i also think that he's spending waaay too much time in front of the teevee. this also gives me an opportunity to try to make his time off the television more productive.

having no cable is fine with me. strangely, i'm having fun. i actually welcome it. there would be extra money for the house which can be put to better use. besides, i don't get to watch the telly that often anyway.

let's see what happens within the next few weeks.

10 June 2006

seona dancing, more to lose

ok. you guys remember that song that 99.5 rt used to play a lot and once in a while still plays it?

ever wondered who actually sang it? how they looked like?

well, here's the answer!

elmer, gerry in the news

i saw my brother's face on the newspapers today (inquirer). nothing bad. it was about the new comic book that he made — elmer. its an interesting take on chickens. i don't have the promised copy yet because i have to get it in san pablo. which is ok by me since i want to visit the place every so often.

the comic book is currently available at comicquest (megamall), comics odyssey at robinson's malate and druid's keep in magallanes. get your copy now!