30 August 2006

a museum for san pablo

san pablo city is pushing for their/our own museum and preparations are on the way. as a start, a member of the cultural society of san pablo put up a blog about the museum.

take a look. i think i have a picture somewhere there.

27 August 2006


all people have secrets.

we have that handful of pieces of precious memories that is always kept in that special hidden space no one else knows. more often, these special secrets are shared memories. of a walk on a beach of pebbles, a bus or a boat ride, a sunset, a dance and a drink. a touch. a kiss.

it only has a special meaning to us. no one else.

we lie, say nothing or just smile to keep our secrets hidden how ever painful some of them may be.

once in a while our eyes glaze over at a sudden recollection of something and we're swept back to that park bench talking and laughing. and then everything else seems a little happier. or a little sadder.

maybe one of these days we can have coffee and exchange life stories. that would certainly be an interesting experience.

25 August 2006

pluto is no a planet anymore

"pluto is dead." read here.

as of today, there are only 8 planets in our system. pluto is now considered to be a dwarf planet.

changes. sometimes these sort of changes make one look at things from a slightly different perspective. but if you really think about it, nothing's changed but the people's definition of a thing. the "object" is still there, circling its merry way around the sun, not really caring if we call it a planet or not. we're just picky about these things, i guess.

one of these days our definition of time will change from 60 seconds for a single minute to a decimal system where one minute will take a hundred seconds. time himself will not really care. but we will. we're picky.

there are more changes coming and all one can do is have an open mind.

15 August 2006


ok. i just got news that there's a new blogger that's coming out. unfortunately, its just limited to a few lucky ones. still, its good to know that work is on going to improve the system a bit (or maybe a lot). its not wordpress or movable type but its really easy to use and new-user friendly.

06 August 2006

breakfast at tiffany's

the next chapter in the retro series is breakfast at tiffany's. this time with george peppard. i bought this one yesterday at one of the malls nearby. it was just sitting there on top of everything else so what the hey. i got the vcd at 100 pesos. i've heard that they're remastering the old classics for dvd media but i can't wait for that. besides, it'll probably be expensive.

haven't you noticed that this has been an audrey hepburn series as well? what other movies did she have?

its the eyes i tell ya. its the eyes.

05 August 2006

my first roman holiday

well, i finally got to watch roman holiday. for the first time. no one told me about the ending. my girlfriend knew but she didn't see it fit to tell me. so right after i saw the "the end" of the movie all i can say was:

"what?!?! no! no way!! no freaking way! it can't end that way!"

it was the same reaction i had after watching pirates: dead man's chest. but this time there's no sequel to roman holiday.

and my girlfriend has a pretty good laugh out of it.

aawwww, bugger.

02 August 2006

retro mode

ok. for the past few weeks i've been in retro mode. well, at least, in my taste in movies.

and i've been busy with work which i am thankful for. i hate idle hands, don't you?

i was able to buy a vcd (retro mode) of sabrina — the one with audrey hepburn, humphrey bogart and william holden. yup. the 1954 movie. on sale for 75 pesos (around 1 euro or us$ 1.5). although my girlfriend said i should also get the one with julia ormond and harrison ford. that's for later. right now i'm enjoying this one. i would probably try to get a copy of casablanca and/or african queen one of these days but sabrina is just one of those lucky finds. i was looking around and i just saw it. and its cheap and original.

why not?

last week, i also got a vcd of roman holiday. audrey hepburn and gregory peck. 1953. 100 pesos. but i haven't gotten around to watching it. gf says its a pretty funny movie. so maybe this weekend i'll lay back and watch it.

retro. and i think i'm developing a thing for audrey hepburn.

who wouldn't, i guess.