29 April 2006

watering the frog

i was watering the plants this morning when i saw this guy.

tree frog

we have a lot of those tree frogs in san pablo but i think this is the first time i've seen one here in the yard. its been really hot lately which makes seeing this guy really unusual.

20 April 2006

i want to go to the beach

i want to go to the beach. its been a while.

i don't want to go to boracay anymore. i've been there so many times before. the place holds so many memories for me. the first time i went there, the island didn't have electricity and that little inconvenience greatly added to the romance of the place.

its different now. there's so many people there. there's so many people wanting to go there. although the beach is still fantastic, its a bit too developed for me.

other places i can think of is bantayan island just north of cebu. or maybe camiguin but that's a bit far already.

i want to go to the beach.

19 April 2006

waking up

i'm tired.

i've been up late for the past two days working on some web stuff.

i've had a full day today messing with some computers.

and i'm still up putting proposals together.

it is good to know that i will not be waking up tomorrow to an alarm clock at 4:30 in the morning.

i saw mars tonight. or was it venus? not really sure.

17 April 2006

holy week break

cherry, robin and i went on a holy week break of sorts. we went out of manila to san pablo city, 87 kilometers south of manila to visit my folks.

it was definitely cooler there since there's an abundance of trees and we're about five minutes walk from the city's biggest lake — sampaloc lake.

sampaloc lake

we also went to visita iglesya or church visit. we went to the underground cemetary in nagcarlan, laguna (there's a chapel there that used to be the town's church)

cemetery chapel closeup

and to liliw, laguna.

liliw church belfrey

in liliw, my girlfriend treated me to a lunch in this nice and very cosy restaurant called arabela. the food was great and the place is full of character. you guys should visit if you're in the area.

arabela chairs

arabela inside

07 April 2006

i am a

i am a romantic. a helplessly hopeless one at that. i've known for quite some time now and i'm comfortable with it so relax those eyebrows. every once in a while i just get reminded of it.

this afternoon as i was channel surfing i saw this movie that i haven't seen for years. its one of a handful of cheesy, romantic movies that i liked. its one of those movies that cradles me, envelopes me in its stories and makes me remember my own cheesy, romantic story.

it was the eyes. her eyes. and her smile. it always is.

05 April 2006

v, the comic book

i was in san pablo for a couple of days and i got a chance to borrow the comic book where the movie was based on. thanks gerry. the general storyline was there but there are differences. there always are whenever the book gets transferred to film. the comic book is certainly not your run of the mill superhero thing that most everyone is used to. this is one of those comic books that are meant to be read my mature readers. the comic is dark as is the film. some parts of the the ending was a little different as well and it was nice to see evey don the mask...

you have to read the comic book.

cover to v for vendetta. art is by david lloyd.

02 April 2006

new forehead

some of the regular visitors (if any) may have noticed that i did a bit of redecorating and changed the forehead of this blog a bit. its a little bit of javascript that i've been meaning to write for some time now. i'll probably change a few more graphic items but that comes later.

so how do you like the new "forehead"?