27 November 2006


in the immortal words of mutley, "wassum fassum wassuum fassuum."

which roughly translates to, "me no like mondays. i no like."

22 November 2006

crappy day

has anyone of you reading this thing ever had a day when you felt that the whole planet was conspiring against you for the past 364 days and you're now beginning to feel that it started its dastardly plans against you?

well, i'm having a week of it. a whole seven days. gaaackk!

i feel like i'm a bad vibe black hole which sucks up all the wayward bad luck within a two kilometer radius. not fun, really.

and i have this gut feel there's more to come.

i want to sleep for the rest of the year.

11 November 2006

the deodorant

i just saw my 8-year old son put on deodorant.

its nivea's deodorant (whitening). his armpits doesn't smell bad nor do they need any whitening. he's white enough as it is.

the funny part is that he began rubbing his armpits with his arms (like when you're running) to spread the deodorant around. much like what his father does.

08 November 2006

soul candle

i wasn't able to visit the graves of my brother (dennis), my lola and my tita last november 1. we had to go back to manila on the 31st of october. so i decided to just put a candle up and say prayers for each of them.