21 September 2006

i just saw

on the way back from school with robin, a frigging ferrari. i said, "wow." robin said, "whoah!"

its not like the street in our neighborhood is lined with them. i've only seen a modena once in a posh neighborhood. but this is the first time i saw one in our area.

20 September 2006

bad day

its been a bad day. i felt sluggish and tired for the most part. and it was pretty hot and humid during the middle of the day.

and robin's not really cooperating. well, he is a kid.

i'm tired. i'm going to turn in early.

19 September 2006

for rain, wash car

its confirmed. everytime i have the car washed, it rains within 24 hours. everytime. well, probably 95% of the time. in the other 5%, it rained within 48 hours.

but still, do you know what this means? if i have the car washed then there will be a 95% chance of rain!

i'm not kidding. maybe its just my luck.

or that birthmark.

or i just don't get to wash the car that often.

18 September 2006

xmas songs na

would you believe, they're playing christmas songs already?!?! i actually heard the first song at around 6 am on the 1st of september! they were playing the whole ray coniff christmas album.


it seems they're really trying to to squeeze everthing they can get from the xmas season.

brings back memories though. mom still has that album somewhere. its just hard to get a cheap turntable these days.

17 September 2006

start of the ber season

and everything seems to be happening one after the other.

"aw barf", as mandy always says.

the year feels like its been preparing since january and decides to start dumping events in september — a field trip by robin, humid days and really stormy nights, a twister over at manila bay, a drive to cavite to fix six computers, no money, diving into php and css hacks for different browsers, a friend had an operation in his gall bladder (gone now), a father of a friend passed away, an uncle (in-law) goes to the hospital (recovering well), chats with friends who migrated to canada, an 87 kilometer drive — to have the car washed, and my license renewed, multiplication tables (again), a candle for 9-11, a cell battery that went bum on me, a spontaneous dinner at cafe adriatico, scampi palermo (yum!!), plenty of coffee, getting off coke (the soda), growing coffee, blocking with stupid wanna-be hackers, a birthday party, a smoke, initial d and gundam seed episodes aplenty, new uploads to flickr (finally), blogger decides to mess things up a bit and improve itself, barako (fantastic local coffee) in the evening and not getting enough sleep.

and its still the middle of the month.


the character mandy is copyrighted by cartoon network

06 September 2006

bye croc hunter

steve irwin died recently while doing a documentary. he was 44.

first time i saw him i think it was in discovery channel. i remember him having a wacky accent and that boyish enthusiastic smile. one can tell he really loved what he did for a living. one cannot help but be pulled in to what he was talking about and gather a good tidbit or three about real knowledge of wild animals. he was both entertaining and quite informative and educational.

thank you steve.