27 July 2014

unsaid words

the old songs follow the rain
carrying a chestful of fading pictures,
a blanket full of unfinished dreams,
and a notebook filled with unsaid words.

i enjoy these short visits of almost forgotten memories

15 July 2014


i visited the resting grounds,
the grass still carrying night's tears.

marble and crosses awake to a brightening sky,
guarding the remnants of lives.

underneath is what remains,
but she is not here.

this is not where she stays.

06 July 2014


i understand that people have secrets. i think it becomes a requirement as people grow older. we acquire them through the passage of time, as we go through the trials and travails of this thing we call life. but as i was observing you, you seem to have more secrets than most which i think is ... unhealthy. why do you have so many truths to hide?

it must be lonely -- keeping things to yourself, hiding things that matter to you behind a pained smile. i know its exhausting and it will catch up with you sooner or later.

i think you're a nice person so i hope you find someone to talk to besides yourself.