30 March 2006

a conversation with robin

satisfied calfover a week ago while robin and i were walking from school we had this interesting conversation.

"dad, do you know i have a girlfriend?"

blink. blink.

ok. that stopped me. literally. right there. on my tracks. the mind goes blank for a moment.

robin just kept on walking, stops, looks back to me and says, "what?"

"nothing." i said, catching up to him.

my mind goes from a standstill to a fast series of images, videoscapes, sounds and finally i was able to blurt out, "you have a girlfriend?"


" do i know her? is she one of your classmates?"




grrrr... well, the thing is, at that time, he was just seven and will be turning eight in a few days. i opted not to pursue the "who?" anymore and just concentrate on being the "cool" father. although to be honest i was excited for him.

"well, that's great! really! so how is it? having a girlfriend, i mean."

"its ok," robin said with a smile starting to break.

what the...? he's not excited about it?!?! but he was smiling while we were walking so i guess there's a bit of excitement there.

i'm also excited about the fact that he's comfortable enough with me as a father and maybe as an older friend to confide in me.

29 March 2006


its been a cloudy day so far. it rained hard last night although only for a while. time enough to make sleeping comfy and cool. and as expected, the following day would be frigging humid. and it is. ugh.

there are dark heavy clouds above and i think they're still deciding whether to release the rain or not. i wish they would though. the city certainly needs some cooling down. i know i do.

28 March 2006

agustin's rc stuff

a friend of mine — agustin v — sent me some pictures of his new ride. he told me he sold all his gas powered cars and an electric car and got himself a competition level electric car. for those who are a bit in the dark, i'm talking about radio controlled cars. the serious ones. these are not the double a powered thingies that you see being sold in department stores.

the one that gus got is a hot bodies cyclone. wow. speed controler is lrp quantum competition 2, katana 23-turn stock motor made by top, tires are by sorex (type 40 for day racing and type 36 for night) with hara hard inserts, batteries are nimh 4200 mah (already?!?!) and the stratus 3 body is by protoform. this is seriously wicked stuff. he didn't mention the radio he uses but i'm sure its pretty much serious stuff as well.

yup. the chassis is made from carbon fiber. and i'm almost sure that there's a sprinkling of titanium somewhere there. its 4-wheel drive complete with differentials. the suspension is totally adjustable with shocks and springs. camber, caster and some other thing that i forget are adjustable. sometimes i think that eventhough these things are about 190 mm x 395 mm in size they're almost as complicated as the real car!

i was and still am, although in a low profile kind of thing, into this hobby for quite some time. i have a race car and two trucks. all electric. my stuff is not really for competition like what gus has but they're still complicated enough for an enthusiast. all of my trucks and car are still in pretty good condition although i do have to get tires for one of the trucks when i get some extra cash (which is pretty rare these days). i'm cleaning the race car so i can play with them a bit in mendiola. i don't get to race because i'm not really into it but gus does and i heard he's pretty good at it too.

now, back to cleaning...

25 March 2006

robin's 8th

water after chocolate
24th of march. robin's 8th year on the planet. we think he's having fun. we had a small gathering of cousins. nothing fancy really. just a handful of balloons in light and dark blue, a chocolate fudge cake, chocolate ice cream, some spagetti, chicken, siopao, a square pizza, dalandan and orange juice.

the kids played first with go kart, bicycle with guide wheels, b-daman, whatever. they're kids and kids play. the chaos started at around 3:00 pm and everything was cleaned up my 9:30. the adults were all bushed but he keeps saying. "but i'm not sleepy yet!" well, with all that chocolate stuff he ate he wouldn't be!

if you want to see more pictures click over to my flickr collection.

22 March 2006

v for vendetta

the wife and i watched v the other day. very good movie. i'd buy the dvd if i can. i don't know why but the movie had this "crisp" feeling to it and it made the whole movie very involving, in a matter of speaking. you guys have to go and see it on the big screen. its no fun watching the thing with a squanky pirated dvd (a bad thing) on a tv screen even if you do have those 6.1 surround-sound thingies. go to the movies and watch it.

i do have to read up on the comic book though. its been a while since i re-read the thing. my brother, gerry, has the complete collection i think. so i'd probably get the chance to go through the story again during holy week.

21 March 2006

1 more day

one more day and finals will be over. i find it really hard for me to tutor robin. he's very hardheaded for a 7-year old. so i will be glad when final exams are finished and we can move on the summer vacation!


15 March 2006

before finals

this is the week before finals and i have this weird panicky feeling that i should be the one doing the studying for robin. uaauuggh! i hate that feeling. and all robin wants to do is play with his cousins or play with his new b-daman with dhb gear. dhb is short for direct hit battle. pictures are coming.

the japanese have gone and created a totally complicated fun way of playing with marbles. complete with products, product upgrades, marketing and a cartoon show! amazing.

i wish i had these toys when i was a kid.

07 March 2006

where i grew up

san pablo city is the place where i grew up. its a nice small town about 85 kilometers south of manila known for its seven lakes. the city of seven lakes as it is often called. i like the city because it is a lot more quiet than manila, there are more trees so the air is definitely cleaner. and most of the time i find comfort just by being in it.

my brother, gerry, made a video about san pablo city and, with his permission, posting it here.

04 March 2006

bida fire!

today i was a doting father to my son. robin entered a battle b-daman tournament with his cousin david. there was also a side event they called "king of direct hit battle (dhb)" where they get a chance to win raffle entries. win three dhb events and your name gets included in the raffle. robin lost in the first round of the tournament and david finished in the top 16. both entered the king of dhb also. david won raffle tickets twice. robin lost again and again. and again.

i found out something about my son which shall stay with me for a long while. robin does not give up. he just didn't. the chance for a prize didn't really matter to him. he enoys playing and he enjoys playing with other kids. oh yes, he gets sad when he looses. who wouldn't? but when he did lose and got sad he just shrugged it off and kept signing up again. and again. and again. and again.

and that already makes him a winner.

01 March 2006

magnitude 5.5

there was an earthquake around 7pm. i was in sm manila with cherry and robin having dinner. it was a "slow wave" quake and it was short so no worries. i later found out that the epicenter was in mindoro. wow. cherry was just there last weekend. i hope no one got hurt.

a landslide, a coup plot and an earthquake. in a span of a few weeks.