28 March 2006

agustin's rc stuff

a friend of mine — agustin v — sent me some pictures of his new ride. he told me he sold all his gas powered cars and an electric car and got himself a competition level electric car. for those who are a bit in the dark, i'm talking about radio controlled cars. the serious ones. these are not the double a powered thingies that you see being sold in department stores.

the one that gus got is a hot bodies cyclone. wow. speed controler is lrp quantum competition 2, katana 23-turn stock motor made by top, tires are by sorex (type 40 for day racing and type 36 for night) with hara hard inserts, batteries are nimh 4200 mah (already?!?!) and the stratus 3 body is by protoform. this is seriously wicked stuff. he didn't mention the radio he uses but i'm sure its pretty much serious stuff as well.

yup. the chassis is made from carbon fiber. and i'm almost sure that there's a sprinkling of titanium somewhere there. its 4-wheel drive complete with differentials. the suspension is totally adjustable with shocks and springs. camber, caster and some other thing that i forget are adjustable. sometimes i think that eventhough these things are about 190 mm x 395 mm in size they're almost as complicated as the real car!

i was and still am, although in a low profile kind of thing, into this hobby for quite some time. i have a race car and two trucks. all electric. my stuff is not really for competition like what gus has but they're still complicated enough for an enthusiast. all of my trucks and car are still in pretty good condition although i do have to get tires for one of the trucks when i get some extra cash (which is pretty rare these days). i'm cleaning the race car so i can play with them a bit in mendiola. i don't get to race because i'm not really into it but gus does and i heard he's pretty good at it too.

now, back to cleaning...

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