04 March 2006

bida fire!

today i was a doting father to my son. robin entered a battle b-daman tournament with his cousin david. there was also a side event they called "king of direct hit battle (dhb)" where they get a chance to win raffle entries. win three dhb events and your name gets included in the raffle. robin lost in the first round of the tournament and david finished in the top 16. both entered the king of dhb also. david won raffle tickets twice. robin lost again and again. and again.

i found out something about my son which shall stay with me for a long while. robin does not give up. he just didn't. the chance for a prize didn't really matter to him. he enoys playing and he enjoys playing with other kids. oh yes, he gets sad when he looses. who wouldn't? but when he did lose and got sad he just shrugged it off and kept signing up again. and again. and again. and again.

and that already makes him a winner.

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