23 September 2007

sunday morning staple

it seems that anywhere i go tom jones' delilah is a staple on sunday mornings. anywhere.


19 September 2007


robin's sick. fever and sniffles. and i think i'm getting it too.


well, it is a good day to be sick. its raining. its cool and its nice to curl up in bed.

but that's not my style. unfortunately.

16 September 2007

saturday rain

yesterday, we were suppose to go to the the baptism of max -- robin's cousin. the skies had other plans though. it rained hard in the morning and we got flooded in. the strange thing for me was that right after the rain it was all sunny and i could see blue clouds but it was already to late to go.

the trouble with this neighborhood is that when it rains hard for a few hours there will be flood. this problem had been there six years ago. its still there. it appears the the people in power doesn't even care. a pity really.

15 September 2007

blog anzeigen

this is weird but the last time i looked, it wasn't in german and i'm not in germany (or austria for that matter). either the blogger guys are playing a prank or there's a planetary misalignment somewhere.

3 musketeers

i got a vcd of the 1948 film version of the three musketeers. it stars gene kelly, van heflin, june allyson, vincent price, angela lansbury, and lana turner.

75 pesos! that's a little less than us$ 2.0. that's cheap. and legal too. i wish dvds were relatively priced as much.

about month ago i also got vicent price's house of wax for around the same price. that was a good movie.

i miss price.

09 September 2007

wrong grammar

while i was helping robin with his math assignment i encountered the following in a book:
It costed P 7.00 to develop each picture.
what the ... ?!?!?


wrong grammar! "costed"?!?!

duh. i can probably let this pass if it was on the internet where words change in less than a second but this thing is in a published book. its printed on paper.

lousy editing.

okay. the sentence should read:
It cost P 7.00 to develop each picture.
that is the grammatically correct way. and i told robin that fact. the book is wrong.

the book i am referring to is:

discovering math for global learners (4)
published & distributed by rex book store
page 136

07 September 2007


its a sad morning. duck haven't been feeling well for the past few days. sayang. he was a good cat. my girlfriend liked him. he was just quiet, more "diciplined" than the other younger cat.

it was a surprise when we got him. he just popped out from nowhere. we fed him and he stayed.

05 September 2007

ber season

its the 'ber' season. this morning the air was a little cooler and a little dryer than usual.

christmas is coming.