05 April 2006

v, the comic book

i was in san pablo for a couple of days and i got a chance to borrow the comic book where the movie was based on. thanks gerry. the general storyline was there but there are differences. there always are whenever the book gets transferred to film. the comic book is certainly not your run of the mill superhero thing that most everyone is used to. this is one of those comic books that are meant to be read my mature readers. the comic is dark as is the film. some parts of the the ending was a little different as well and it was nice to see evey don the mask...

you have to read the comic book.

cover to v for vendetta. art is by david lloyd.


guile said...

even with a shaved head, ms portman still looks stunning.. anyway, nice, cozy place you got here :)..

headlessspider said...

yes she is. definitely.

and thank you for the visit.