07 April 2006

i am a

i am a romantic. a helplessly hopeless one at that. i've known for quite some time now and i'm comfortable with it so relax those eyebrows. every once in a while i just get reminded of it.

this afternoon as i was channel surfing i saw this movie that i haven't seen for years. its one of a handful of cheesy, romantic movies that i liked. its one of those movies that cradles me, envelopes me in its stories and makes me remember my own cheesy, romantic story.

it was the eyes. her eyes. and her smile. it always is.


marien said...

i like her legs...especially her knees :D and the way we can continue each other's conversation...so we can talk for hours :) especially talking about food hahaha

marien said...

what was the movie?

headlessspider said...

got you curious huh?

everytime we say goodbye. with cristina marsillach and tom hanks.