02 August 2006

retro mode

ok. for the past few weeks i've been in retro mode. well, at least, in my taste in movies.

and i've been busy with work which i am thankful for. i hate idle hands, don't you?

i was able to buy a vcd (retro mode) of sabrina — the one with audrey hepburn, humphrey bogart and william holden. yup. the 1954 movie. on sale for 75 pesos (around 1 euro or us$ 1.5). although my girlfriend said i should also get the one with julia ormond and harrison ford. that's for later. right now i'm enjoying this one. i would probably try to get a copy of casablanca and/or african queen one of these days but sabrina is just one of those lucky finds. i was looking around and i just saw it. and its cheap and original.

why not?

last week, i also got a vcd of roman holiday. audrey hepburn and gregory peck. 1953. 100 pesos. but i haven't gotten around to watching it. gf says its a pretty funny movie. so maybe this weekend i'll lay back and watch it.

retro. and i think i'm developing a thing for audrey hepburn.

who wouldn't, i guess.

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