09 July 2006

the philippines develops its own rockets

news is trickling in that the philippines has just finished development work on its own rockets. two types of rockets are said to begin the testing phase within a few weeks. this may be in respose to north korea's missile tests. the philippine rockets are classified as medium and medium to long range rockets. they will be called kwitis 2 and kwitis 3. kwitis 2 is said to have a range of 1200 km and kwitis 3 will have a range of 2400 km.

fuel for the rockets are said to be manufactured in bulacan. the rockets themselves can be configured to carry different types of payloads similiar to the more common kwitis 0.1 which is usually lauched during fiestas and new year's eve.

development work on a longer range rocket called kwitis 4 will begin by early 2007. this rocket will be designed to circumnavigate the earth and could possibly carry bigger payloads.

i'll try to get you pictures as soon as i can get them.

ps. this is a work of fiction. take it with a grain of salt.


marien said...

hehe...since you're on a roll...why don't u add submarines na

headlessspider said...

shhhh.... that's suppose to be a secret! of course there are submarines and plenty of fast boats. 7100 islands is to hide them in...