01 October 2006

stormy weekend: part 2

29th september 2006, friday
there was still no electricity in our part of the city. robin and i decided to take a walk around the neighborhood and take some pictures.

there's one uprooted tree in front of centro escolar university (ceu) but most of the trees in the area just suffered broken branches.

after milenyo: uprooted tree

most of the new lamp posts that mayor atienza had installed a few weeks earlier in mendiola were still standing except for one.

after milenyo: mendiola ceu/san beda side

a large branch fell on top of the guard house of la consolacion

after milenyo: la consolacion main gate

mendiola on the holy spirit side was relatively passable

after milenyo: sidewalk holy spirit side

but the sidewalk on the la consolacion side was not

after milenyo: sidewalk la consolacion side

branches that fell in a creek behind holy spirit

after milenyo: a creek behind holy spirit

more photos in my flicker thingy.

we had to get some supplies from the supermarket so we went so sm manila. bad idea. the trip was, to coin cherry — a disaster.

the mall was running on generators so there was no aircon. most of the people were fanning themselves which means its been warm inside. we tried getting money from the atms but there were long lines on every one. ugh. and there's a three-day sale going on which meant tons of people. we decided to just get what we needed from the grocery and go. no window shopping on this trip.

the supermarket wasn't accepting credit card transactions because they couldn't connect to the card companies. that's because of the storm. there were abandoned cars of groceries within the the supermarket area.

its been more than a day of no electricity.

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