16 May 2014


i have a hard time letting go of things. of objects. especially if i've used that thing/object for quite some time. its like i formed some sort of a good working relationship with it that its just difficult letting go.

i have taken to naming objects. my bike frame is called 'chayong', the car's name is 'chong'. i'm selling my car. i'm selling chong. well, its my dad's car but i've been driving it for a good 16 years. its sporty and fuel efficient. i drove it to and from work. i drove it in the middle of the night. i brought my friends, my girlfriend in and out of town with it.

and now i'm selling it. it feels like i'm betraying the car. honest. but i've decided to sell it to help my girlfriend so letting go is easier.

maybe i should stop giving names to objects.


Robb said...

Hello. How's riding lately?

jose said...

unfortunately, i have not been able to ride lately. my girlfriend is quite sick and i have been taking care of her. when things have settled and all is well again then i'll do some proper riding.

when do i see your collection of bikes?

Robb said...

Sorry to hear about the GF...hope she gets well soon...
My collection hasn't changed much...financial hard times. Selling them as a matter of fact.
Let me know if you need something bro!
Take care!

jose said...

i hope she gets well soon also. send me pictures of your bikes, sizes and your selling price. i may be able to help you sell them. send it to headlessspider sa gmail.com. you take care.