15 September 2014


you weren't really into me. i found that out rather belatedly. i was the second choice, maybe even the third. i wasn't tall enough or rich enough or handsome enough or good looking enough. looking back i was just company because there was no one else around to lavish you with the attention you wanted.

it was a pity because you were huge to me. i was really into you and i was really happy because you were with me. were. i really didn't think about it then but you were looking past me instead of at me. now there isn't enough to show. come to think of it we didn't really show “us” off. i felt disappointed then but i didn't mind so much. i got to make out and i didn't feel lonely. and that fact hid what the relationship was really becoming. i only saw it was good until i stepped back and away for a few years.

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