18 February 2006


i had this dream a couple of weeks ago that i couldn't shake off.

it was late afternoon, the skies was a bit cloudly. i was over a cafe adriatico, seated outside on an antique chair and table by myself. i was reading the comic section of a newspaper which was particularly thick that day. suddenly, without warning, a japanese guy, in a coat and tie, pulled the newspaper down, crumpling it. he was shouting at me in japanese, which, i cannot quite understand and pointing frantically behind him. i looked over his shoulder and i saw other people, in formal attire, all japanese, running away in a state of panic. the japanese man started to shout at me again and, as if on cue, english subtitles of what he was shouting appeared above his chest.

"godzilla is here! run while you still can! run!!"

weird dream.

godzilla is copyrighted. someone else owns it.


Anonymous said...

i dream of steve mcqueen and ... king kong! yes...king kong is ripping up roofs and tearing down houses, chasing after me...steve mcqueen is running with me (never even watched steve mcqueen's movies so i cannot for the life of me figure out why it has to be steve mcqueen!) this is a recurring dream pa! - marien

headlessspider said...

you must have seen him once or twice in a scene or a poster or something and it stuck. its like that cheeky song in the morning that keeps running in your head.