09 February 2006

feb eighty-six

that was the time i got my left ear pierced. just my left with a simple gold stud. at that time it was a rarity for males to wear earrings. my mom said she wouldn't talk to me anymore. "anymore" took about a day. people on the street looked twice. they sometimes stared. people i talk to gets distracted by it. most folks thought i was gay. word spread that i wear an earring and... that i was gay.

i didn't care. i know what i'm not. i know who i am. and i'm straight. it took a couple of years for the rumors to die down and the mongers are eating their words until now. they can't even look at me straight in the eye.

people are people.

i still wear an earring every now and then. people don't stare as much. sometimes they even smile. once every blue moon, i get to borrow an earring from my mom or my girlfriend.

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