28 February 2006


i can't believe it. i've just been buzzed by a couple of bats! i think they went as close as two feet from my head! you'll feel the wind from their leathery wings and that high-pitched screech they make becomes really loud. ugh.

well, at least, bats are still in the city which means there's food enough for them to stick around.

oh. and i was able to have my chowking halo-halo. at last.


25 February 2006

quiet national emergency day

it is! no noisy vehicles outside. no pesky jeeps. but its sooo freaking hot! uuuuaaagghh. what i would do for a halo-halo right about now.

and chowking is about a five-minute lazy walk from here. hmmm. two scoops of ice cream with a handful of finely crushed ice, topped with leche flan, ube, sliced bananas, sweet beans... i think they said they have 15 sweet toppings in all.


sige mamaya...

23 February 2006

fiesta season

did i ever mention that the first five months of the year is what i call the "fiesta season"? lots of things happening. well, officially, may is the fiesta month but it sort of spreads its wings ang infect the rest of the surrounding months.

there are lots of school fairs with lots of rides, booths selling lots of different and colorful stuff and, of course, music. lots of music. from the given "piped in" music while the fairs and fiestas are going on to the almost nightly concerts at each school. and let's not forget the ati-atihan bands with their thundering drums. stay too long and too near them and your ears will be ringing soon enough.

and if that's not enough there's the coup attempts. how can this be included in the fiesta season? well, the children usually doesn't have classes which means they can play or watch tv or play with the computer all day, the offices (except sm malls) are either closed or closing early which means people can go to malling early or the movies or go home to sleep early. either way its an incidental "unwanted" vacation time. ha! and you thought coups are all bad. ;-)

18 February 2006


i had this dream a couple of weeks ago that i couldn't shake off.

it was late afternoon, the skies was a bit cloudly. i was over a cafe adriatico, seated outside on an antique chair and table by myself. i was reading the comic section of a newspaper which was particularly thick that day. suddenly, without warning, a japanese guy, in a coat and tie, pulled the newspaper down, crumpling it. he was shouting at me in japanese, which, i cannot quite understand and pointing frantically behind him. i looked over his shoulder and i saw other people, in formal attire, all japanese, running away in a state of panic. the japanese man started to shout at me again and, as if on cue, english subtitles of what he was shouting appeared above his chest.

"godzilla is here! run while you still can! run!!"

weird dream.

godzilla is copyrighted. someone else owns it.

14 February 2006

valentine 2006

it feels like a holiday today except that people still go to work (but i don't think they will do any), students go to school (study? today? nah.). the only one's oblivious to valentine's day are children below six years old who are too busy playing. happy thought.

so have a great valentine's day! if you can't be good then at least be careful.

09 February 2006

feb eighty-six

that was the time i got my left ear pierced. just my left with a simple gold stud. at that time it was a rarity for males to wear earrings. my mom said she wouldn't talk to me anymore. "anymore" took about a day. people on the street looked twice. they sometimes stared. people i talk to gets distracted by it. most folks thought i was gay. word spread that i wear an earring and... that i was gay.

i didn't care. i know what i'm not. i know who i am. and i'm straight. it took a couple of years for the rumors to die down and the mongers are eating their words until now. they can't even look at me straight in the eye.

people are people.

i still wear an earring every now and then. people don't stare as much. sometimes they even smile. once every blue moon, i get to borrow an earring from my mom or my girlfriend.

08 February 2006

long time friends and stars

last night my girlfriend and i went to an exhibit opening entitled "hubog sa apoy" (shaped in fire) in sm megamall. its a one-man exhibit by carlito ortega, a metal sculptor who uses steel and brass in his pieces. the sculptures on exhibit were fantastic with each one showing a lot of emotion. my favorite was about a father and son. beautiful piece. you have got to visit if you're in the neighborhood. the exhibit is in gallery genesis on the 4th level of sm megamall.

anyway, while i was at megamall, i also saw plenty of stars enough to last me a couple of years or so. lucy torres and richard gomez, senator loren legarda, malang, jaime zobel (yes, in megamall) and i think patis tesoro. sorry, no pictures.

but the real news was that i saw a really old friend of mine — boots and his wife ann. it's been more than a year since i saw them last and seeing them there in good health and spirits was simply great.

fun night.

07 February 2006

rainy afternoon

it been raining on and off. i like the rain.

the other red chick passed away this morning. i feel sad for robin. no more pets. and he so wanted one. he actually prefers cats. he told us so. maybe when he reaches eight.

05 February 2006

the other one is ok

yes, the other red chick is still ok. happily chirping away. i've been giving it muesli. i don't know if that's really good for the chick but he seems to like it.

hey! blog*spot's up again. it's been whacked over the weekend. ah, c'est la vie.

one red chick

yesterday afternoon, when robin was out with his cousins, one of the red chicks passed away. its the one on the right. i was even able to take the two out in the morning, hunting for food on the yard. i think it hasn't been feeling all that good for the past two days. it finally took its last nap in the afternoon.

gifts and wraps

my son went to a triple birthday party yesterday — his uncle, aunt and cousin. cherry wrapped the gifts because she's always had a knack for it. the photos doesn't do the wrapped gifts justice. i really should learn how to take better pictures.

03 February 2006

next blog?

does anyone use this button? i mean, i do but does anyone else? just curious because some blogspot blogs completely renovates the template and leaves it out. and when i'm browsing and the button disappears i kind of miss a step.

nothing. just an idle thought.

mother hen

sleepy red chicks
do you folks remember those two red chicks? well, i think its official. after a week, i am considered to be their mother hen.


i get to feed them, take them for strolls in the yard, clean up their basket (we don't have a cage or kennel or whatever you call those things), i tuck them in their basket during the night. and how about the little boy who bought them as pets? he's currently taking a nap.


lola and i were talking about what we're going to do when the chicks grow up to be chickens. robin was listening intently. there was a suggestion to sell them to either jollibee or kfc (kentucky fried chicken). robin got really mad. but we all got to laugh at the joke.

i wonder how much they buy chickens at kfc...


02 February 2006


sometimes i really get tired of things and i just want to stop and sleep or lose myself in a good book or daydream. its been raining on and off. bed weather. hot coffee, bread and conversation weather. i miss boracay. i'm glad that the week is closing but i'm not really looking forward to the weekend. i feel spaced out and low. maybe i just need some caffein. or chocolates.

ps. my father's pandesal, my mug of coffee.