02 February 2007

project fixie: the list

and now, here's the begging list:

1. road frame
2. fixedgear hubs/flip-flops
3. 700c rims (*)
4. pedals (?)
5. headset
6. bottom bracket (?)
7. cranks (?)
8. seatpost
9. saddle
10. front brake caliper
11. front brake lever
12. handlebar
13. did i forget anything else?

if you'd like to donate a used item that on the list to this project, send me mail. i'll try make it worth your while.

2007.02.20: i got a set of suzue freewheel hubs for free. not a fixed gear hub but they're free.
2007.02.13: got the handlebar already last sunday — black profile bullhorns. nice.
2007.02.04: it took me a couple of hours searching but i couldn't find the items with a question mark. they must be in another storage area which i haven't look yet. but i did find a saddle that looks like a flite but isn't and an extra ultegra 53t chainring.
(*) i have two araya 27" rims — one has a big taco and the other one has a tiny little taco. i'm not sure if the first one can still be fixed but i think the second one still has a life. i have to check with the lbs.
(?) i know i have these but i have to hunt them down in the house in san pablo.

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