19 December 2005

the king kong that wasn't

my girlfriend and i went out last night on a movie date. something we haven't done for quite some time. we wanted to watch king kong which i heard was three hours long. its christmas week so i knew traffic is crazier than usual with the last minute shopping and all. what the hey, its king kong. most of the schools are on vacation already so i was hoping that getting to megamall would be relatively easy.


it took me almost an hour and a half to get there and it was hard to find parking. after a restful and sumptuous japanese dinner we went to the row of movie houses. sm megamall had 12 movie houses in all and they usually show big movies in at least two or three of them. i didn't think they'd run out of seats even if its the christmas season.

and since it is the christmas season, the movie houses — all 12 of them — were closed. for this particular night only.

the movie staff were out having their christmas party.

life really throws a pretty good loop and this is one of its biggies.

we couldn't help but just laugh about it.

then we had coffee and a dessert — a chocolate cake named oblivion. yum!

p.s. pictured is pandesal ni gerry. thanks dude! and the dog's name is eugene (i think)

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