06 December 2005

what is pandesal?

pandesal or pan de sal is spanish for bread of salt. it was really salty when they made it before but it has evolved and now tastes a little on the sweet side.

it is a staple on a filipino breakfast table and best served hot. you can stuff it with corned beef (my personal favorite) or plain cheese, or pour sweeteded condensed milk in it. by itself, its great with coffee (kape) especially the barako blends of batangas.

prices range from php 1.00 to php 5.00 with size getting bigger as it gets more expensive.

ps. pictured is pandesal ni marien. of course, you can take it with wine


Gerry Alanguilan said...

Pandesal with wine? You sure? :)

headlessspider said...

yup. that's what priests do over mass. i tried it - dip and eat - and its pretty good. not advisable in the morning though.