07 December 2005


i do believe that one of my e-mail addresses (i have several like most geeks) has been spoofed.

first i got a whole bunch of returned mails in a short span of time which got me edgy. i checked the mail headers and the from: line says its from my mail account and the to: line said it was for another address in the same domain.


i checked my system and everything checks out. i'm pretty sure i don't have any worms sending out spam on my behalf. i also checked the message queue and there's several zero-byte entries. that shouldn't be a problem but i deleted them anyway. it's been clean for the past few hours.

next i got an e-mail from a postmaster to my postmaster which said that i've been spamming someone and that any mail from the domain will be blocked for 24 hours. that's no biggie because i've been using another e-mail address for quite some time. but what concerns me is what if i've been hacked.

so just to be safe, i changed my password to an even longer one.

let's see what happens in the next 48 hours.

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Gerry Alanguilan said...

Kainis talaga spammers minsan. They manage to use your email address to send from their own computers or computers they infect to send spam (in your address and name!). Marami tuloy nagagalit sa akin thinking ako nagpapadala.