22 May 2006

dvc: the book and the movie

i just watched the da vinci code. three hours. i was distracted for the last hour because i wanted to go to the room where you can find comfort but i was in the middle of the row... ugh.

anyway, the book first; i always thought it was "cinematically written". as cherry pointed out, its a book waiting to become a movie.

and the movie; well, we liked the effects where "imaginary" people were flocking to the church. nice. i thought it was a puzzle movie like national treasure. it's a bit too long though especially if your bladder is not ready for it. i was thinking that maybe there should be a 10 minute break in the middle of a movie that long.

all in all, the story line is intriguing. some people like it some people don't. should you watch it? hmmm... why not? if you have 130 pesos and three hours to spare.

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