11 May 2006

summer's over

well, its official. summer's over.

the first tropical storm named "caloy" just arrived and i heard over the radio that we are the only country in the world at this moment which has a tropical depression.

ugh. only in the philippines.

the upside is temperatures are certainly on their way down. which is great! i look forward to getting a more comfortable sleep.

this also marks the time when i need to get some school stuff for robin.

he's growing up. give it a few years and i'll have a little bundle of ranging hormones. that would be interesting.

its drizzling already.


marien said...

it's good nga it rained noh...we've been sweltering the past 2 months so it was a blessed relief to have the gloriously cool weather. Big temperature drop :D

headlessspider said...

ya! but i hope the cloud cover stays a while longer. the sun on a wet city means huge humidity.