25 May 2006


i had a haircut today.

i used to look like wolverine on a bad hair day.

now, i just have bad hair. well, short hair.

very short hair.


marien said...

eh ako? I look like lion king in the morning di ba? ;)

Jonas Diego said...

I had a similar experience almost two weeks ago. I went to a hair styling center (the things they call a barbershop nowadays) to get a trim.

The person assigned to me asked "barber's?" to which I replied "hindi, trim lang".

Snip, snip!

I got a barber's cut.

Buti na lang mabilis humaba ang buhok ko. :(

headlessspider said...

jonas: ha! that's funny. good one. thanks for making me laugh!

headlessspider said...

marien: oo nga 'no... that's better than having a very curly wolverine.. 8)