25 May 2006


i had a haircut today.

i used to look like wolverine on a bad hair day.

now, i just have bad hair. well, short hair.

very short hair.

22 May 2006

dvc: the book and the movie

i just watched the da vinci code. three hours. i was distracted for the last hour because i wanted to go to the room where you can find comfort but i was in the middle of the row... ugh.

anyway, the book first; i always thought it was "cinematically written". as cherry pointed out, its a book waiting to become a movie.

and the movie; well, we liked the effects where "imaginary" people were flocking to the church. nice. i thought it was a puzzle movie like national treasure. it's a bit too long though especially if your bladder is not ready for it. i was thinking that maybe there should be a 10 minute break in the middle of a movie that long.

all in all, the story line is intriguing. some people like it some people don't. should you watch it? hmmm... why not? if you have 130 pesos and three hours to spare.

20 May 2006

da vinci code banned in manila

ha! i just feel that a choice has been taken away from me. it not really about the movie anymore. in my opinion, its about a mayor that thinks that his constituents cannot decide for themselves so he takes it upon himself to decide for them.

well, i think i'm old enough to decide for myself. i'm not really in a hurry to see the movie but i'll spend my money and watch it in makati or in pasig instead.

[sigh] some people...

19 May 2006

over the hedge

cherry, robin, jason (robin's cousin) and i went out to see over the hedge. its the first day of showing and i was hoping that by late afternoon there wouldn't be too many people in the movie house.


there were lines across the board. da vinci code was showing in five out of the eight movie houses in glorietta 4 (thanks to the publicity). mi:3 and poseidon was in the other 2 and one was showing over the hedge. pinoys are really a movie going people.

over the hedge is a fun and enjoyable movie. if you have kids then by all means take them. if you don't, well, go watch it anyway. it really is a fun movie.

and yes, if i had the money, i'd probably get the dvd if they were selling them outside the movie house.

14 May 2006

bed weather

its been bed weather mornings for the past three days. i'm guessing it will be more of the same tomorrow.

tomorrow is monday. and i have to report for work at a client. which means i have to wake up a bit early.


ah well, bliss is not always on tap. besides, its not like i'm not getting paid for it.

i just hope the cloudiness stays a bit longer. driving from makati on the way home this afternoon i saw the sun struggling to come out from behind the rain clouds. i just want the weather to be cool for a change. a for a bit longer.

let's see tomorrow.

11 May 2006

summer's over

well, its official. summer's over.

the first tropical storm named "caloy" just arrived and i heard over the radio that we are the only country in the world at this moment which has a tropical depression.

ugh. only in the philippines.

the upside is temperatures are certainly on their way down. which is great! i look forward to getting a more comfortable sleep.

this also marks the time when i need to get some school stuff for robin.

he's growing up. give it a few years and i'll have a little bundle of ranging hormones. that would be interesting.

its drizzling already.

05 May 2006

city stars

i was in san pablo last night. san pablo is a small city about 87 kilometers south of manila. my hometown.

it amazes me how many stars i can see there in the province. back here in manila, i can only see a handful of them. there are so many lights in manila that they drown out the stars.

i find it ironic that to see more stars, people have to turn their lights off. or that they see less with the lights on.