13 January 2006

the king finally kongs

we finally got to watch king kong (the latest version). good thing we went to the washroom before starting the 3 hour, 15-minute movie.

this is good one. i know i saw the second version with jessica lang but i couldn't remember much of it. this new version has plenty of effects and it makes for an entertaining movie. go see it.

i was thinking about the island where they found kong and i have a theory. it used to be the island of doctor moreau. abandoned and forgotten. another theory is: do you remember the two jurassic park movies? well, this was the site of the supposed prequel to the first jurassic park movie. the shooting just got stopped because the animals were getting wilder and unmanageable so the producers built a wall around the island, installed fog machines all around to hide it. it was decided they will come back to the island when they have enough firepower for it. so there. j/k.

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