07 January 2006

my grade 2 assignments

i don't remember how i did my grade 2 assignments. i don't remember if my teachers gave me any. today, i'm helping my son do one of his assignments in subika at kultura (civic and culture) and i'm having a hard time. ugh. some of the tagalog words used in their text book are not even used in day to day conversations.

for example:
  • kaminero (street sweeper)
  • pinangangasiwaan (oversee, supervise)
  • nakapagpapagamot (get cured)
i understand the argument that students should study the filipino/tagalog language and i agree with that point but do you think an 8-year old grade 2 student will "get" those words?

maybe its just me but i would suggest making the book easier to read and learn though the use of tagalog words that we normally use from day to day.

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