16 January 2006

old and new things to try

this year i want to travel. either for work or play or both. it doesn't matter. i want to visit someplace new. i want to get a regular paying job. maybe. but i want to have some creative time too. an 8 to 5 sort of kills that. i want to read a good book. several good books. and i want a chance to sleep for 16 hours straight once every month. or is that a bad thing? i want my own home. not a big one. that's harder to clean. i want to take more photographs. with a 5d. but its freaking expensive. i want a glass of wine. and some bread. in france. is that too far? i'd like to drink coffee in that place in the photo. watch people pass by. watch them watching me let time dance by. i want to walk on cobbled roads and think. i like walking. and cycling. i miss the wind when i bike. i miss my bike. kikay is her name. i should get her a new set of wheels when i get that job. or when i win the lotto. which ever comes first. maybe some tea after dinner? or would that make me sleep? i want to drive the new mclaren formula 1 car. maybe a few minutes before i wake up.


peanutbuttercups said...

hey hey hey! =) thanks for stopping by my blog. Kikay. I like the name of your bike. verrrrrry viva hot babe like kinky. haha. take care.

headlessspider said...

hey! cool of you to visit! thanks! ingat ka rin!