15 January 2006

san pablo fiesta

we drove to san pablo city over the weekend to sample the fiesta there. we arrived early evening and i heard we just missed the buko pie parade. 1,700+ buko pies, around 700 meters in length. i heard it was a dry run for something bigger (and longer) next year. after the event they gave the buko pies to the people celebrating the fiesta.

we went out the next day to look around. we couldn't go near the street dancing because there we sooo many people but by night time...

here's robin enjoying the grilled hotdog.
robin and grilled hotdog

he really likes the hotdog. take my word for it.

possessed by the hotdog spirit

i wasn't able to take good photos of the fiesta but here are some of them taken saturday night. tables were lined along the streets and stalls selling food and snacks and trinkets.

and this goes on for a good 200 meters on both sides of the road.

it was a fun visit.

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