20 January 2007

i like lugs

bicycle lugs. i don't exactly know why. besides liking riding a bicycle, i am also facinated with that mechanical side of cycling where everything works together. i like how they look and i like how they feel.

when i decided to have a frame custom made it simply because the frames available at the shops then were too big for my stature of 5' 3". there were some frames for my size made of, then still exotic, titanium or carbon but they were super expensive.

a steed of italian steel assembled in the philippines fit my purpose and more importantly would not encourage me to rob a bank.

it was only after years of riding and reading volume after volume of bicycle magazines that i have come to really appreciate my steel frame and the effort and talent that goes into making it. i will not dive into that "this is better than that one" discussion because in the end, it all depends on the purpose and the preferences of the rider.

titanium, aluminum and carbon bikes are the norm these days and i have to admit that they have some really beautiful models out. and i would probably lust after one or two if i see them in front of me but that's not really my thing.

i will be getting another bike one day but i think it will still be made of steel. maybe because its my age. this time i will make the effort of customizing the lugs myself.

photo is from richard sachs cycles

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