02 January 2007

riding again

i'm on it again. after a couple of years. finally.

i'm riding kikay (my bike) again.

a couple of years ago i had a small accident which sent me flying a couple of meters and my bicycle wheels taco'd. minor scrapes and bruises, as they say.

last christmas, my girlfriend gave me a new set of rims. its not those high-tech, expensive, in-your-face kind of road rims. its just the simple kind. 700c. light. araya. enough to get me on that excited-like-a-little-boy state of mind and on the bike again. i am grateful to her. i had the wheelset assembled and ready to go. everything else was new except for the hubs. old 105s but they're still painfully and usefully smooth.

i recently spent a handful of days in san pablo and i went on short rides. the wheels are really nice. it felt absolutely great riding again even its for short hops.

i'm back in manila now and i'm trying to figure out where to store kikay if ever i decide to bring her here.

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