09 January 2007

itching to ride

i've been itching to ride eversince i got of the bike about a week ago. the thing is my bike is 87 kilometers away in san pablo and i'm in manila -- problems with storage space, you see. a friend of mine has kindly offered to store (and caress) my bike at his place near libis if i decide to bring it over. i'm seriously thinking about it.

anyway, to tide the urge over i decided to just surf the net for some local cycling stuff. i found a couple of sites that's worth a look see:
it really depends on your poison. i'm a roadie so i lean more for the 2nd and 3rd links.

i'm going back to san pablo this weekend and i'll try to see if i can get some more time on the saddle without blowing up.


Anonymous said...

Do you post often on www.bikeforums.net? It's a great cycling community, and looks like you have plenty to share.

headlessspider said...

i am registered over there but i mostly lurk. i have a few posts but only in the regional section.